Family trips was something we look forward to for the future but why so late or later on in the future? Well simply because we had a budget and did the Dave Ramsey baby steps which didn’t give us much room to take any vacations.  Well, we are so happy that we started our traveling journey,  with it we have discover how to earn Miles and Points to book future trips.

If you are looking forward to travel on a budget or use points here is a way you can see how this has worked for us.

travel-journey-introThese trips we were able to book using miles and or points which we received through deals, every day spending and credit card bonuses.

If you would like to learn more how we started on this new journey click here and find out how you can start your travel journey as well.. In the meantime click on the links below and see some of the places we have been able to travel on a budget..




April 2016 – Naval Aviation & USS Battleship (Pensacola, FL & Alabama)

April 2016 – New Orleans & San Antonio

April 2016 – Sierra Vista,  Arizona

April 2016 – Old Tombstone, Arizona

April 2016 – Dallas, Texas

November 2016 – Hawaii Day 1



September 2015 – Carnival Sunshine 5 days trip

December 2015 – Army South Carolina



December 2014 – Helen, Georgia – Stone Mountain – Ruby Falls (Tennessee)