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Known as the “Miracle Bean”, this ancient legume once fueled Roman warriors on their campaigns. Since then lupini beans have lived on as a beloved appetizer snack throughout the Mediterranean (like the region’s version of edamame). Nutritionally unparalleled, lupini beans are packed with plant protein and fiber to fill and satisfy you, but are low in carbs, calories, and sugar so they don’t compromise your diet. Lupini beans have 50% more protein than chickpeas, 80% fewer calories than almonds, and 0 net carbs. With BRAMI, you can conquer hunger and feel good.

Perfect snack for: afternoon hunger, pre-dinner appetizer, salad topping, midnight munchies, healthy party snack, and more!

Multi-Pack: An online exclusive, our Multi-Pack is for those who want a little bit of everything. From savory to spicy to refreshing, it’s all here.

4 pouches, 150g each (Serving Size May Vary) – 1 pouch of each flavor (sea salt, garlic & herb, chili lime and hot pepper)
Known as lupini in Italy, BRAMI is a lightly pickled Mediterranean legume snack
Most protein per calorie of any plant on earth – Fantastic salad topper with zero net carbs
80% fewer calories than almonds, 50% more protein than chickpeas, and 2.6x more minerals than coconut water
Vegan, gluten free, keto-friendly, prebiotic, heart-healthy, low-glycemic food, soy free, non-gmo