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What is Ceylon Cinnamon aka “true cinnamon”?

Ceylon Cinnamon is dried bark of an evergreen plant Cinnamomum zealanicum that belongs to family Laurraceae. It is a powerful spice used for health benefits and culinary purposes for thousands of years.

Where does our Cinnamon come from?

Ceylon Cinnamon is native to SRI LANKA. Our product comes from a FAMILY OWNED business at FAIR TRADE prices. The cinnamon is HANDCRAFTED by long time experts.

How do I use Ceylon Cinnamon?

Sprinkle some here, dust some there. Add it to you baking goods, desserts, morning yoghurt, coffee, etc. It is a healthy addition that enhances every recipe. SKIN CARE – Add it to your homemade scrubs for its heavenly scent. It is also used in skin care for its helpful properties in supporting reduced inflammation. Acne prone skin will love some gentle cinnamon-honey facial scrub!

Benefits of Sunny Day Naturals’ Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

  • LESS COUMARIN – Coumarin is a naturally occurring chemical in cinnamon. In Ceylon cinnamon there is significantly less coumarin present than in regular cinnamon and this is a good thing!
  • Potentially very beneficial to GLUCOSE METABOLIMS (blood sugar levels) and healthy body weight.
  • Healthy, delicate and delicious enhancement to all your recipes.
  • ANTIOXIDANT properties.
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH – benefits your insides and digestion.
  • POSITIVE INFLUENCE ON HEALTH – Ceylon cinnamon has shown to be beneficial for many aspects of human health.
  • AROMATIC properties – cinnamon is burned as incense in many cultures.

100% Money Back Guarantee!CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC, 100% raw – There are no chemicals used. GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, PALEO. Pure product, NOTHING ADDED! Use it in desserts, baking goods, coffee etc and get the amazing health benefits while enjoying delicious food.
HANDCRAFTED TRUE CINNAMON – Sunny Day Naturals’ Ceylon Cinnamon is a luxurious handcrafted product from Sri Lanka. Our cinnamon comes from a FAMILY OWNED business at FAIR TRADE PRICES to enhance all your recipes.
DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY – Ceylon cinnamon is known for many biological properties that immensely benefit human health while making your food delicious.
WHY BUY FROM US? – As a small company, our priorities are high quality products, happy customers and happy farmers doing all the hard work. We have chosen the best and purest cinnamon to ensure the high quality of our product.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, you get your money back. We want you to be happy!