Shopping is one of those things I love to do specially when we are saving so much money on each trip.  Anyone who does couponing or simply gets prepared ahead of time can say it takes time putting everything together.  How I make my trip a little easier is by using my spreadsheet.  This list has changed from time to time, because my technique, cards or focus might change so what I do is customize the list to help me make it a lot smoother..

I had shared a previous list which I can provide the link here in case you would like to see your options and choose which one can work for you.

The areas that are highlighted in gray shows that there is some formulas in it that will calculate the information you included on the green or white sections.

Each transaction will give you a subtotal (amount before coupons)

CVS, MFR (is the area you type the amount of the coupon and how many coupons you have)

  • (for example – Let say you have 1 CVS coupon for Wet N Wild – 1 for $4 off $10)
  • (For that same Item you have 2 MFR coupon for Wet N Wild – 2 for $0.50 off each)
  • You will write it this way $4.00 – 1 then under MFR section 0.50 – 2

I also created a video (you can watch here) explaining how you can use this spreadsheet, there are 3 example deals mentioned and how you can include that when creating your list. I hope the spreadsheet is very helpful to you…

You can download your spreadsheet here CVS Shopping Spreadsheet 

If you dont have Excel you can download the file and open with your google account.