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Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, is a world leader in growing, sourcing, distributing and marketing fruit and healthy snacks. Dole sells a full line of packaged shelf stable fruit, frozen fruit, dried fruit, and juices. The company focuses on four pillars of sustainability in all of its operations: water management, carbon footprint, soil conservation and waste reduction.FRUIT & SUNSHINE:  Dole Fruit Bowls make snack time easy, fun and delicious! Enjoy the refreshing taste of pineapple, peach, pear, and cherries, in 100% fruit juice. Now you can easily enjoy more fruit and sunshine every day in a convenient bowl.
DELICIOUS MIXED FRUIT: With Dole’s shelf-stable products, you can have the fresh taste of ripe, delicious mixed fruit anywhere, anytime. For a delicious snack with natural sweetness, try Dole’s Fruit Bowls, jarred fruit, fruit juice or cut fruit in gel.
HEALTHY SNACKS AND JUICES: From packaged shelf stable fruit and frozen fruit, to dried fruit and fruit juices, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC is a world leader in growing, sourcing, distributing, and marketing fruit and healthy snacks to brighten your day.
MORE SUNSHINE = MORE SMILES: At Dole, we believe every day deserves more sunshine. Because more sunshine means more smiles, more energy, and more of the bright, healthy life you work so hard to achieve. Add a little sunshine to your life with Dole fruit.
FRESH FLAVOR: Compare the fresh, bright flavor of Dole’s packed fruit and fruit juice to products from Mott’s, Happy Tot, 365 Organics, MW Polar, Welch’s, Annie’s, Stretch Island, Black Forest, Nothing but the Fruit, YumEarth or Ocean Spray.