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✅ A set of bath toys for toddlers for playing in the bathroom. Toddler toys for kids can help develop creativity of the baby, thinking, agility and petty motility. The child will be curious to look at and play with colored educational developmental toy.

✅ Turn bathing (bathtime) into an exciting game that brings exceptional benefits to the toddler`s physical and emotional development!

✅ The children can solve the geometric shapes foam to the walls of the bath and kachelo. It is very easy and extremely interesting! Boys and girls can not only play with the bathtub toys for kids in the bathroom but also can compose baby puzzles to study geometric shapes, educational puzzles, new words, names, colors, floating toys and just swim among the interesting tub toys! Fine motor skills!

✅ Soak the educative toys and easily seal it on the surface. The eco-material of the fun bath toys (stickers) are smooth and porous. A child can even cling on it while on the wet surface for our educational toys for toddlers are durable and will last even longer!

💡 Please note that the child should be under the constant control of adults during bathing!

✅ In order to avoid choking accidents with children aging 3 years old below, it is recommended you remove internal geometric figures from aqua puzzles and not leave the child alone during bath time!

💡 After using the puzzles, it is recommended to wash in warm water and dry them.



😍 FINE MOTOR SKILLS activities can be so creative and fun that your kids won’t even know how hard they are working as they play!
😍 KIDS JUST LOVE IT! Think😊 the seemingly meaningless ability to stack puzzles together is, in fact, a precursor to much more complex actions – washing the dishes or playing the piano – activities that require each hand to perform different tasks simultaneously.
😍 LEARN & PLAY! Work with your cuties to solve simple bath puzzles that have only a few different pieces. Let your babies pick the pieces up and guide their hand as they place them. Bathtime becomes so much FUN!
😍 BABY PUZZLES are wonderful learning toys for toddlers. A delicate balance of fine and gross motor skills are what enable children to be physically active, and control their body.
😍 BATHTUB TOYS are made from eco-friendly foam, safe, non-toxic paint, so kids can play with them risk-free!