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TOODLES Bath kneeler and Elbow rest is a functional, unique 2-piece design pad that will make every parents’ transition from an infant tub to a toddler tub with ease, comfort and style. The well cushioned pad will keep the pressure off your joints, keeping moms, dads and grandparents free from aches and pains. With TOODLES, there is no more need to take a chair, use a towel or sit on the edge of the tub. TOODLES will make bathing a wonderful experience for you and your little ones! Don’t forget the conveniently placed mold resistant mesh pockets – kids can easily tuck away their rubber duckies and other favorite toys to air dry and for safe keeping until their next bathing adventure. No more eyesore mess at bath time! Additionally, the animal prints are so attractive that your kids can’t resist. And who says that this is only for your little ones? TOODLES Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Pad can also be enjoyed by your little pets when it’s their turn for a bath. Easily an adorable, functional and practical gift for baby showers and for new parents.COMFORT, SUPPORT, PROTECT- Our knee pad is extra-cushioned with a 11x22x4 inches dimension for maximum comfort. The elbow rest with thick padding makes it soft and comfortable to lean over the tub. It also supports and protects the knees and elbows from aches and pains making bath time an enjoyable experience
SAFE and SECURE- The knee pad has a high quality non-slip rubber base that grips to the floor for stability and with six extra strength suction cups that fits the pad securely in the tub
SUPERIOR QUALITY- Made from high quality neoprene (material used to create scuba-diving and surfing wetsuits) that is highly resilient and water friendly
MOLD RESISTANT and MACHINE WASHABLE- The pockets are made from mesh material which resist mold growth. The neoprene material composition makes it rapid drying and machine washable
ORGANIZED -There are a total of 5 mesh pockets on the elbow rest caddy. Three medium sized pockets to keep baby shampoo, soap, washcloths and anything else you might need handy in seconds and 2 large pockets conveniently placed on your child’s side to store favorite bath toys to encourage play – great for the child’s imagination and brain stimulation