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TURNING the TABLES on tradition, Other Foods provides classic foods with unconventional ingredients. Sometimes we all need some chocolate to balance out all those veggies we’ve been eating! Are you following a paleo diet but can’t eat nuts? Or understand that eating a bunch of nut flour isn’t always good for you all the time? Other Foods Brownie Cake can satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health.ENJOY FRESH BAKED, MOIST gluten-free, paleo friendly brownies! Our premium Brownie Cake baking mix is 100% grain, corn, soy, dairy, GMO, yeast, xanthan (gum), and NUT FREE. Non-alkalized cocoa which retains all the antioxidants
OUR DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE BROWNIES are a tasty treat. Nut free paleo treats are hard to find, and both adults and kids love these! The perfect choice for a child’s classroom birthday celebration, where food allergies are present
BAKE WARM GLUTEN-FREE BROWNIES in under 30 minutes by adding just a few simple ingredients. Makes perfect brownies every time! For vegan brownies, use an egg substitute and use coconut oil instead of butter
PALEO APPROVED, made with premium cassava and coconut flour. Unlike many paleo friendly baking mixes, brownie cake mix contains NO almond flour. A dessert the who family will enjoy – even those who don’t eat paleo or gluten-free
MADE in MICRO BATCHES with only the purist ingredients. Each batch is blended with care in a gluten-free, allergen free facility in Portland, Oregon. Makes one 8 x 8 pan of brownies