Sweet Tomatoes is a place we love to go eat, is such a great place to eat healthy, pick a great selection of soups and your choices of muffins.  There selections vary by season, for example in the summer you may find more strawberry and lemon inspire dishes while in the winter you might see promotions on Pumpkin, Peppermint and even Red Velvet.  If this is a place you enjoy dining or simply want to try it there are many ways you can save.

Birthday – Sign up and you can get your meal for FREE

Weekly – Check your emails and every week you will receive new coupons

Seniors – For the Summer time (2pm – 5pm) meal is $8.29 includes beverage

Kids – Eat FREE every Tuesday (all day long) valid for kids 12 and under

Extra ways to save 

Option 1 – 

Gift Cards – Occasionally they offer if you buy $50 gift card you will get a FREE meal card for next visit or $10 Meal Card

(I suggest you buy the gift card pay $50 and receive the incentive, then pay for your meal using that gift card) If you are sign up to there club you can use there coupon and save even more.

For example – 1 person total could be $12.88

  • Weekend Lunch – $10.29
  • Drink – $2.59
  • Total for 1 person = $12.88
  • Coupons you might receive – $9.49 with drink included

Total Savings of – $3.39 per person

Option 2 – 

If you are planning to dine you can check this app before heading out, if you are planning a few days before you can continue seeing the app to see if there are some good gift cards. The prices vary by time and day I seen gift cards as low as 25% off which is a great way to save on top of the saving from the coupons.  Visit Raise.com you can use my link and we both will get $5 on your first purchase.  That will be another $5 savings.. 


Dining out doesnt have to be expensive you can save as much just on a few tips found on this post.  From coupons, gift cards, birthday sign up and Freebies for kids every Tuesday..