What is the current offer?

  • Saving Book as low as $7.20 with FREE Shipping (Reg – $35)

Entertainment offers a coupon book, this takes me back when we first started couponing..  At first we would pay $35 which was a pretty good deal for all of the items we were able to save. but for today you are able to get this book for $9. It is mid of the year so keep that in mind but $9 for a coupon book that will help you save for the remaining of the year and it includes shipping is not bad at all.
You can get this deal for FREE if you sign up with TopCashBack which is like Ebates.  If you are new and sign up you can get $10 for being refer.  Once you finish signing up select entertainment and you can get 20% cashback on selected items..
Make sure your the site is not block so you can get the cashback..
Happy Savings..

Cash Back offers through 5 apps

If you use my link we both will receive an incentive which will help you get started with a better amount..

  1. Ibotta  Cash Back
  2. Checkout51
  3. Fetch Rewards
  4. ShopKick App (referral code YAY878036)

Fetch Rewards – Another way to save, there is a new app (similar to Ibotta) You can begin by using my referral code A8CVB and you’ll get 1500 points (like $1.50 in rewards!) when you scan your first rebate!

You can enjoy a quick video sharing the best deals we are expecting at Publix this upcoming week, to do so you can start watching here