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Three factors can help you buy more responsibly caught seafood: what species it is, where it was caught and how it was caught. With that in mind, Costco is pleased to be able to offer you a more environmentally preferred premium albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga). Kirkland Signature albacore tuna is caught using circle hooks and monofilament leaders to reduce the risk of catching non-targeted sharks and sea turtles. It is then frozen at sea and later traditionally canned from whole fish. The quality of our solid white albacore tuna is evident from the moment you open the can. You’ll find it delivers a delicate tuna flavor and a firm texture that tastes great alone as well as in your favorite recipe or sandwich. Open and enjoy!100% Traceable from sea to shelf
Monofilament leaders & circle hooks
Dolphin safe
Net weight: 198g (7oz) Drained wt: 153g (5.4oz)
Product of Thailand