We did a quick trip to Publix today, we got some great items that are FREE or very little out of pocket… (this is why I love couponing) most of these deals are still available for you to print so try not to miss out on those.. Well my trip was all FREE with taxed included after I submitted 2 of my receipts for cash back my final total came to $10.98 Moneymaker.. 
So far I have been keeping track of my grocery items and the amount save and you can see that more here



If this is your first time shopping at Publix or buying with coupons make sure you have

  • Make your list (I have a spreadsheet click here if you would like to see or use it)
  • Cut Coupons, Select coupon from Publix Digital and/or print coupons (before they are no longer available)
  • Select any items that applies from CashBack App
  • Submit your receipt to qualifying Stocking Spree Rewards program – find out more here

since the ad date varies from location I will share both dates

  • Wednesday 4/11/18 ending Tuesday 4/17/18
  • Thursday 4/12/18 ending Wednesday 4/18/18

Publix Complete List – Here


Tena Pads 14 to 30-ct., $5.19 

Final Price: FREE and $4.95 moneymaker (also submitted to Saving Star)


Enlightened Light Ice Cream 16 oz or Ice Cream Bars 14 or 15 oz, BOGO $4.99 & $5.49 for the Bars

Final Price: FREE and $9.10 moneymaker 


Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 32 oz – $3.87

Final Price: FREE

Odwalla Juice Smoothie or Protein Shake, 15 oz – $2.99

Final Price: $1.49 or $0.75 each

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 11 – 13 oz – $3.35

Final Price: $1.60 or $0.80 each

Speed Stick Anti-Perspirant/Deordorant, 2 – 3 oz – $2.79

Final Price: FREE

Cash Back offers through 3 apps

If you are new to cash back offers here are 3 you can start earning as you shop in places like CVS.  If you use my link we both will receive an incentive which will help you get started with a better amount..

  1. Ibotta  Cash Back  
  2. Checkout51
  3. Fetch Rewards
  4. ShopKick App (referral code YAY878036)

Fetch Rewards – Another way to save, there is a new app (similar to Ibotta) You can begin by using my referral code A8CVB and you’ll get 1500 points (like $1.50 in rewards!) when you scan your first rebate!