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The Sclafani family began in the food industry in the late 1800’s when Marie Sclafani and her husband came to the United States from Italy with their four sons. The family started with a small grocery store in New York. Marie’s sons began importing Italian products under the Sclafani name in 1900. Today the Sclafani brand is recognized as one of the finest brands of canned tomatoes and sauces in the industry. The secret behind the success of Sclafani is the quality of the products themselves. Jersey tomatoes are considered by many to be the best tomatoes in the United States. Sclafani products carrying the Jersey Fresh logo are made from fresh New Jersey tomatoes, grown near the Don Pepino and Sclafani packing facility in southern New Jersey. Our concentration of unseasoned tomatoes adds deep flavor and appetizing color to popular dishes like baked beans, meat loaf, ragouts and braised meats. No salt or other spices are added to our puree, so you have total flexibility in every application. If you demand the truest tomato flavor you get it with Sclafani.A great complement to your homemade tomato sauce
Made from fresh, vine ripened tomatoes
Delicious, red tomatoes
The perfect texture
Flavorful taste and aroma in every can