Since I like to do my Shopping Trips using a spreadsheet I decided to keep track of my trips so at the end of the month I could include the monthly totals of what I paid and how much I saved.. Couponing has been a wonderful Journey and that is what inspired me to create this blog.  Is a way to share any deals I see as well as my trips. My total wouldve been a lot less if I was able to do some moneymakers that we saw this month of January but some coupons I didnt get therefore missing those deals.. But disregarding that I still see we did save over $240 and also walked away with a $50 Gas Card..

I share my trip how I paid $136.08 (which includes a $50 Gas Card all for $378.64 worth of groceries.

If this is your first time shopping at Publix or buying with coupons make sure you have

  • Make your list (I have a spreadsheet click here if you would like to see or use it)
  • Cut Coupons, Select coupon from Publix Digital and/or print coupons (before they are no longer available)
  • Select any items that applies from CashBack App


I share a few of the trips I did for this month of January

Cash Back offers through 3 apps

If you are new to cash back offers here are 3 you can start earning as you shop in places like CVS.  If you use my link we both will receive an incentive which will help you get started with a better amount..

  1. Ibotta  Cash Back  
  2. Checkout51
  3. Fetch Rewards
  4. ShopKick App (referral code YAY878036)

Fetch Rewards – Another way to save, there is a new app (similar to Ibotta) You can begin by using my referral code A8CVB and you’ll get 1500 points (like $1.50 in rewards!) when you scan your first rebate!