Preparing your couponing list every week can take some time, in some occasions the math can be a little off.. One way I avoid the extra time it takes to calculate and make my list by hand is adding it to my list I created as a spreadsheet.  Since my couponing trips varies by store I have done 2 separate ones that best fit my needs.  For example when I go couponing to CVS or Walgreens I use a separate spreadsheet then the one I am sharing on this post.

Here is the reason why this list is a little bit different then another one I use.  Since most deals have a special price or a BOGO deal, this spreadsheet helps me keep track of my actual price and my final price.  This list also has 3 sections to apply the type of coupons I may have, for example I may have a Publix coupon, manufacturer coupon and a cash back offer all for the same item, this list makes it easier for me to state each coupon I need letting me see my final price.


To Help you understand this spreadsheet, lets start by saying

  • the columns in orange have a formula in there which you dont need to add anything since it will do that for you.
  • (see first sample line 1) when there is an item on bogo on the Buy section type 2, then add the price and right away you should see an amount on the bogo section highlighted in orange.

  • (see sample above line 3) when there is an item on BOGO but you would like to buy more then 2 here is what you can do..
    • on the Buy section type 4, then add the price and right away you should see an amount on the BOGO section highlighted in orange (click that cell just like you see on the picture – 12.98) above you will see the formula and all you need to do is add this next to what was all ready there – ( *2 )
    • if you are buying 6 items that are on BOGO type 6, amount, and on that BOGO cell right next to what is all ready written there type ( *3 ) and so forth
  • at the end of your shopping list you will see your summary totals and your final price highlighted in purple (this area is all formulas which will give you your totals every time)

I hope this list is helpful and you can appreciate it as much as I have…


You can download this sheet by clicking link below

2018 publix spreadsheet