Here is one of my favorite books and is available to print..  The Winter Savings book – this book has some great coupons that will help you save all winter long, is one of my favorite books from Publix and to be honest it was one of my beginning stages when I began my couponing journey..





Cash Back offers through 3 apps

If you are new to cash back offers here are 3 you can start earning as you shop in places like Walgreens.  If you use my link we both will receive an incentive which will help you get started with a better amount..

The Feliciano Journey affiliate_ads_392x72-2 Ibotta  Ibotta  Cash Back  


Fetch Rewards – Another way to save, there is a new app (similar to Ibotta) You can begin by using my referral code A8CVB and you’ll get 1500 points (like $1.50 in rewards!) when you scan your first rebate!