Preparing your couponing list every week can take some time, in some occasions the math can be a little off.. One way I avoid the extra time it takes to calculate and make my list by hand is adding it to my list.

Here I am sharing the list I use every week for my CVS couponing trip.

This list helps me keep track of all my cards and it also is a way for me to prepare each transaction that can help me reach a spending limit or reach an amount specially when I get those coupons by email.


You can create as many as 1 transaction or up to 3 on the same sheet.  The areas that are highlighted in gray shows that there is some formulas in it that will calculate the information you included on the yellow or white sections.

Each transaction will give you a subtotal (amount before coupons)

CVS, MFR (is the area you type the amount of the coupon and how many coupons you have)

  • (for example – Let say you have 1 CVS coupon for Maybelline – 1 for $3 off)
  • (For that same Item you have 2 MFR coupon for Maybelline – 2 for $1 off each)
  • You will write it this way 3.00 – 1 then under MFR section 1.00 – 2

Lets say you create 1-3 Transactions at the end of the sheet you will find total amount for this trip, which will add for you total before coupons (the amount you wouldve paid before ECBs, Coupons and Cash Back) and in yellow the Total (after all deductions and incentives have been applied)

I hope this list is helpful and you can appreciate it as much as I have…

cvs list spreadsheet