I dont know about you but Chick Fil A is one of those places we make an effort to dine in at least once a week.  There is so much to love there from the service, attention to detail, the friendliness and of course the food jeejje.. Omg have you tried there milk shakes ( they just take me back to my child hood since there flavor is very different) well back to what I was saying.. eating there just like most places today can be a little expensive once you add up your expenses.  so, instead of cutting down to eat where I enjoy eating I changed that option and found ways to cut that my expenses..

Here are a list of things that can help you save as much as you can while dining at Chick Fil A.


Chick Fil A Yearly Calendar

Since we are more then half way of this year, keep in mind that starting in November Chick Fil A offers for purchase a yearly calendar for about $7 – $8 depending the price in your local Chick Fil A the best part of the calendar is that it comes with a Card, this card has at least 1 FREE item for you to redeem per month (you can find out more about this year 2017 Chick Fil A calendar here)

This Year 2017 there theme for the calendar was

No Pain No Grain

I think is so funny, every year the theme is different and it comes with inspirational cute quotes, the calendar also includes a reminder for you to know which item is FREE for that specific month.. Now you can see that spending $6 easily becomes a money maker when dining at Chick Fil A.




Chick Fil A App

Is a must at least in my family, we dont make any payments without the app, here is why.

Using the Chick Fil A App has its perks literary, you will see a circle shown in your app and for every purchase you make with the app that circle starts to fill up in red, once it reaches a full circle right away you will receive a treat.  (but they give you 3 options to choose from)

Note: the circle doesnt move right after you make a payment it does take a day or 2 (and a little more if the purchase was done on Saturday) How long does it take to get filled ? Im not sure but calculating a bit it takes a purchase total of $22-$27 or so

To take advantage of this offer we always add money to the app and make all of our payments using the app. My husband and I we both use it and we have seen more rewards that way.




FREE Meals just because..


This year we have seen free items added to our Chick Fil A app just because..

For example at the beginning of the year we had yogurt and chicken biscuit recently in july 4th to be exact we had 2 FREE just because.

I open my app and those items were there I talked to other people and when they opened there app it was showing too.  So, just because we got Free items added just for using the app.  The items we received FREE for 4th of July were a FREE biscuit sandwich or a cookie and item number 2 a FREE drink soda or bottle of water



FREE Chicken Sandwich

After making our order, scanning our app and our purchased is complete then comes the receipt and sometimes it comes with an extra treat.

Well, for a while we would throw our receipt away but when I started couponing and getting my finances in check is when we discover this little treat and is as simple as looking at the bottom of your receipt if you see something similar then you won yourself a FREE chicken sandwich.


You will find a similar message on your receipt as shown on the picture.. Once you receive it you have a few days to visit the site mentioned type in the code given on the receipt and start a quick survey the questions will be based on your actual visit and once you finish you will get a new code which you can write on your receipt (which I always take a screenshot of my code in case I loose my receipt or I type in the wrong number) or you might get a code sent to your email.


Using the app in new locations..

When we are in a new area shopping at new stores celebrating an event or for work reasons what ever the case may be, making a purchase at a new Chick Fil A location using our app we have notice that a week or so later we receive a new offer just because it could be sent to our app directly or sometimes it has shown in our email.

For example my husband had to work in another office a few hours away from where we live and of course the 2 days he was away he chose to eat breakfast or lunch at Chick Fil A well a week later he received an email saying thanks, it mentioned the location, it showed a picture of the manager there and it said here is our thanks a FREE Deluxe Chicken Sandwich.


Rewarded New Location w/ mobile order

This is just an example of how we received FREE items when visiting a new location.  Another quick example is last month I went to see my mom about 4 hours away since she was at this location for some classes on our way there we stopped at Chick Fil A for a quick bite.  The line was long inside and out, yes we are used to that but this location was different there drive thru is alot bigger then we are used to and so was the store inside.

Since we were in a hurry I decided to place the order mobile since I notice is always quicker and I have no issues adding my treats earned or any treats from my calendar.  Our order was done quick we barely had to wait and just for using the app and making a mobile order we received a FREE Chicken sandwich cards in total of 3.


Raise app – buy Chick Fil A Gift Card

Raise is one of those app I love to check at least once a day, simply because I could find good deductions on gift cards to places I know I will use, for example places like JcPenny, Macy’s, Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, AMC, (to see how I saved on previous trips using this app you can find it here) well the next one is Chick Fil A.  I have purchased a $50 Chick Fil A gift card and only paid $38.  There are times you dont see any available for Chick Fil A but there are times I score a nice one.. You just have to keep looking but I suggest have all of your info ready and set up because the cards do go quickly.

In addition if you use my code JFELICIAN6 You will get $5 towards your first order and I will earn $5 when you buy.  This is such a great incentive and wonderful to take advantage of this app.  If you use our code let us know so we can thank you directly..  Click Here to learn more


Final Words..

As you can see there are many ways you can save when dining at Chick Fil A and these are the ones that has helped me save so much each time we dine at one of our favorite locations.  Hope this was helpful to you and it can also be helpful to those around you, dont forget to share it to those that love or would like to dine at Chick Fil A.

If there is another way you save and is not listed here please added it to the comments section and I will included it on a new post and featuring your name ( as long as you give me permission to).

Have a blessed day.. and Eat more chicken jejeje..