Small sneak peek for the upcoming CVS weekly ad – this ad will start on Sunday 8/6/17 and it will end 8/12/17 (could you believe is the first trip for August.. Well, back to the deal if this is something you are considering getting or stocking up on keep in mind if there is any printable coupons is best to print them earlier in case they become no longer available..

This is one of the items worth considering..


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Keep in mind on this deal scenario is showing $1 off CVS coupon but if you dont have this coupon or any other one that is for this type of product then your total would be..

  • final price will be $0.99 each






To help you understand the concept of each deal slide as you see the picture shown

The Feliciano Journey Slide3 Title – shows you the item that you can save the most on

Buy Box – in order to make this deal work you must (BUY) the quantity shown which then shows you the total it would be before coupons

Coupons Box – coupons needed & where you can find it (that is if in a specific insert or if is a printable) (QTY) the quantity shows how many coupons you need.

Final Price: total at checkout, rewards expected to receive at the end of your receipt and then it gives you your final price after (Deal, Coupons, Deductions & Rewards) have been included.

Page: Shows on which page this offer can be found when looking at your weekly ad.


If you would like to see a video showing the complete list of the best deals for CVS click here