Starting your Travel – Points – Miles Journey can be challenging and overwhelming, since there is so much info that you may not know where to begin. Well, I am here to help you get started and hopefully you can start making those dream travel a reality..

Well on a previous post I shared about your credit and how is crucial to know before applying to any credit card that offer miles or points..

There are 2 credit cards I would like to share with you that can help you get started that offer a great deal of incentives and points you can use for travel.  The reason why I am sharing 2 cards is because one is a little easier to get approved for while the other is a very good card to get but it is a little harder to get approved.


The First Card is Starwood Preferred (from American Express) – at first many people feel intimidated just by thinking is from American Express, but to be honest this is a card that I have seen people with a slow or somewhat low credit usually gets approved on.  The points they offer seemed low compared to most cards but SPG is a different type of card and the points it offers do go pretty far.  SPG has many good hotels and you can stay at some of there hotels starting with just 2000 points per night..  In addition SPG points can be transferable, in case you prefer to use your points

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

  • Earn 25,000 bonus Starpoints® after you use your new Card to make $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months.
  • Limited Time Offer- Earn an extra 10,000 bonus Starpoints® after you make an additional $2,000 in purchases within the first 6 months. Offer ends 4/5.
  • Earn 2 Starpoints® for each dollar of eligible purchases spent on the Card at participating SPG® & Marriott Rewards® hotels. Earn 1 Starpoint for all other purchases.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees on International purchases.
  • Redeem Starpoints® at over 1,300 participating hotels and resorts in over 100 countries and for flights on more than 150 airlines with SPG flights, all with no blackout dates.
  • $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95.
  • Terms Apply.
  • See Rates & Fees



The Second Card is Chase Sapphire

This is one of the top credit card that I enjoy Chase Sapphire (they offer 50k points but in order to reach those points you must charge around $4000 in a period of 3 months using the credit card)

The Feliciano Journey how-to-hawaii-trip-part-1 The Feliciano Journey hawaii-falls-mauna-ulu The Feliciano Journey cspreferredcc-800x228

This card is a keeper, I love how much we have been able to use our points for different trips using this card.  There are many benefits of getting the credit card, you can transfer your points to a list of Airlines and Hotels through the Chase portal.  you can also book your flight, hotel or other travel options right on there portal.

In addition you can earned another 5k points;

  • 5,000 BONUS POINTS after you add the first authorized user and make a purchase in the first 3 months from account opening.


Both cards are very good to start with on this new travel journey, both can get you on your way to many wonderful trips which you can book in the future for almost FREE travel.

When selecting my next credit card that offer points, one thing I always consider is having another credit card as a back up if my first option was denied.  Since my credit score/points doesnt change on that same day, if my first application was denied I right away apply for my second option.


(Not Approved/Low Credit Score)

If you are considering to start your Travel Journey using points and miles but know that your score is really low or if you applied and was denied, you can follow these steps to help you improve your credit score

Step 1 – (Let say I applied but didnt get approved, then dont feel bad now you know is time to work on your credit, I have helped many people work on there credit that didnt get approved and after some changes they were able to get approved and started collecting points for travel)

Most common areas I see that needs improvement on there credit is the following:

  • Open accounts with no activities – credits cards that are open (and has no balance) but not being used at all, this affect your score, if you are not using it and dont plan to then close that account (call the company and close that/those credit cards)
  • Not aware of there credit score – is a must to know and work on your credit score, you can install the app credit karma or sign up to Credit Karma on your computer check your score and see what else is bringing down the score. You cant fix what you dont know, is best to look at it at least twice a month
  • Paying the minimum – you cant help bring your score up if you continue to make charges and just pay the minimum, in order to improve your score dont charge anything to your credit card if you can only afford to pay just the minimum.
    • What I do and seen how my credit score and credit limit has gone up is pay all of my bills and charges on my credit card (only the necessary monthly charges) and before the month end (or the ending cycle) I make my payments so by the time I receive my statement the new balance is $0
  • Collection Debt – an invoice that was sent to collections but you werent aware of this charge or the charge was paid and it was still sent to a collection agency, this affect your score and you must tackle this situation, if it was paid call the company that billed you or the collection agency to make sure this is removed and clear in your account.  If there is a charge you wasnt aware about call that company and find out why that is shown on your credit report.
  • Not enough credit history – this is a sad and hard issue since you dont have credit history not many companies are willing to accept and honor you a credit card on this case what I do is add them to one of our credit cards as an authorized user, they use the credit card and pay for the items purchased and since we have good credit score quickly we see there credit score going up.  After a few months they apply for there own credit card and they are approved.