Sharing breakdown for each item I purchased, the breakdown does include the tax charged but it doesnt show the ECBs I used from previous trips (which I used so my out of pocket amount is a lot less)

Transaction 1, we got 3 items and after applying special price, taxes, coupons and ECBs our total for this transaction was $1.16 and a total amount saved of $17.11

Transaction 2, we got 2 Scott Tissues, 1 Gliss Shampoo, and 5 Rimmel items (which included scandal eyes, Brow this way & a Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation).  On all of these items we purchased on transaction 2 after special price, taxes, coupons, mail in rebate, Checkout51 cash back and ECBs our total for this transaction was $10.74 with a total amount saved of $54.86

Here I am sharing the link of some coupons I used that were printable, since a few of the items I didnt get the coupon on my Sunday Inserts luckily there was a printable option which still helped my total out of pocket to be very low.



Overall Our total for this trip was $11.90

On this trip the total amount I saved was $71.97