Today is our 27th Linky Party which I look forward to seeing and sharing our latest shopping trips. The Feliciano Journey friday-linky-party-simple-800x450 This week I was glad to see the Stocking Spree Rewards was back up for this year 2017, Luckily I had my receipts from this year which allowed me to get a few points since I purchased 2 Crest toothpaste.  If you havent sign up to this program I provided a link below to help you get started.

I’m also including some videos of my trips from this week, so you are more then welcome to check those out. Shopping while saving doesnt have to be stressful, I try to share in my videos or on each post a detail transaction and which coupons I used in order to pay a lot less on each trip.  In some of my post you will also see a spreadsheet which I use that helps me keep track of my trip and how much I will pay out of pocket (if you would like to get a copy of that let me know on the comments below or by sending me an email) Here is the list of the trips I did since last friday linky party.. I am grateful that you stopped by and looking forward on seeing your new savings.. Have a wonderful weekend.

Publix Trip 2/2/17 – $14.85 from $79.76

Yes… Is back.. Publix Stocking Spree Rewards Program

CVS Shopping Trip 1/29/17 – FREE from $93.92


CVS Weekly Deal starting this Sunday 2/5/17

You can click on the video which I explain my CVS trip from 1/31/17.
If you would like to watch it click above or watch it on youtube.
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Your more then welcome to share your trips..