Today is our 25th Linky Party which I look forward to seeing and sharing our latest shopping trips.

Is a new year and it feels wonderful to share and see deals each person was able to do.  This year I’m starting to share my trips on youtube, in there you would be able to see my trips during the week.  Hope you are able to help me with this journey as you view my videos and hit like and subscribe if you can.

Hope you were able to take advantage of some wonderful deals, I did missed a few items since some deals require last Sunday Insert book and for some reason I wasnt able to get them but if you received the coupons hopefully you was able to take advantage of the Pepsi/chips deal.

Here is the list of the trips I did since last friday linky party.. I am grateful that you stopped by and looking forward on seeing your new savings.. Have a wonderful weekend.


Publix Shopping Trip 1/19/17 – $68.80 from $148.23 (w/ $50 Gas card incl)

Publix and CVS Trip 1-14-17


CVS – Target – Michael’s Quick Trip 1/16/17 – $18.00 from $65.54


CVS Shopping Trip 1/15/17 – $17.23 from $85.28