Im back to making some quick trips at our local Publix Supermarket. When things get very busy or simply we are away on vacation it helps to have a good stock pile which that was the case.  I am glad all of those faithful trips we have taken over the years has helped us not worry about many items during the times we have been working on other things.

Since last week my sister and her family have been visiting for her and my niece birthday.  We decided to visit a water park for her birthday and all we have purchased are drinks snacks and items to make sandwiches, luckily there have been some deals on chips, soda, cheese & ham.

Today we went for a quick trip and purchased 9 cereals and paid $2.49 for everything.


  • Got 3 Cheerios $3.83 = $11.49

  • Got 6 Tiny Toast Cereal $3.83 (BOGO) =  $11.49

  • (used 6 mfr coupons of $1.00 each) –  ($6.00)

  • (used 3 mfr coupons of $1.00 of 2) –  ($3.00)

  • (used 3 publix coupons of Bogo off) – ($11.49)

  • Total Amount Paid $2.49 for all 9 cereals