We were on our Road trip last and beginning of this week which I will share more about it on another post, after driving for so many hours and a few days we decided to stop at Krispy Kreme from El Paso, Texas.

The view was beautiful since the location is a little high up which allows you to see the city and border of Mexico.  Once we got to the store I saw this poster and right away was excited to see a new deal was coming up.  I wanted  to share with you all so you can set your calendars.

Only on 4/28 you can get a bogo deal at local Krispy Kreme.


The people at this location were extremely nice and I was surprised how they were handing out fresh doughnuts to everyone that was in line. The only negative thing I can say about this particular Krispy Kreme is, they are not accepting there app as of yet but they are working on it to get it started shortly.