Time passes by so quickly and by the time you look around your babies are all grown up, so at the beginning of the year we searched for deals, if you select dates after the summer time they are a lot less.  Our youngest son does have school but since this might be our last trip of a family of four, we knew it would be worth it. Our oldest son enlisted so we decided to take a cruise trip as a family a week before he heads out to the Army.

It was all very much worth it, we enjoyed our time as a family and the weather was perfect even though it was during the month of September. If you planned ahead your vacation you can search for deals at the beginning of the year and make payments if necessary so when is time for you to go on your family vacation it has been fully paid off.

If you are considering going on a cruise make sure you sign up to there program so you can earn points based on each day of your cruise.

As a bonus some credit cards offer deals and discount on certain cruise line, if your credit card doesn’t offer a deal, you can pay your cruise with your credit card so you can earn bonus miles or points which can help you get points for future free trips.