On a previous topic (How to see a movie for free) I shared how we get movie tickets for free and how we get to see them before the movies are released at the theaters and this week I was able to find another company where I can sign up to get tickets.


The new company I have sign up for is called Broad Green Pictures, right now they are promoting a new movie called A Walk in the Woods. I know is crazy we get to see movies that we dont even know are coming to a theater let alone we dont even see a commercial about it.  The good thing is most of these companies have a trailer on there site so right after you redeem your movie ticket you can see what the movie is about, if you think the movie is too strong or simply is not for you, then you can release the ticket so it can be available for someone who wants to see the movie.

Dont miss the previous post because it also includes the companies I have sign up to get notifications for upcoming free movies.